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Pennsylvania Movers

Pennsylvania Movers Great American Van Lines MOVERS 866-324-7920

Pennsylvania is also called the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It is located in the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States, and the Great Lakes region. You will find New York and New Jersey are bordering Pennsylvania on the north and the east. It is the 33rd largest state in the United States. The state has been divided into 5 regions. They are the Allegheny Plateau, Ridge and Valley, Atlantic Coastal Plain, Piedmont, and the Erie Plain.
Pennsylvania's diverse topography also produces a variety of climates, though the entire state experiences cold winters and humid summers. Straddling two major zones, the majority of the state, with the exception of the southeastern corner, experiences a humid continental climate and  subtropical climate around the year.
It was colonized by Dutch, British, Sweden, and France on various times till 18th century. Each occupiers had divided the land on parts and established colonies in this vast land.  After the Stamp Act Congress in 1765, Delegate John Dickinson of Philadelphia, wrote the Declaration of Rights and Grievances. The Congress was the first meeting place for all the thirteen colonies, called at the request of the Massachusetts Assembly, but only nine colonies sent delegates. 
When the Founding Fathers of the United States convened in Philadelphia in 1774, 12 colonies sent representatives to the First Continental Congress. The Second Continental Congress, which also met in Philadelphia (in May, 1775), drew up and signed the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia. There they drew up the Articles of Confederation that formed 13 independent colonies into a new nation. Later, the Constitution was written, and Philadelphia was once again chosen to be cradle to the new American Nation. Pennsylvania became the second state to ratify the U.S. Constitution on December 12, 1787, five days after Delaware became the first.
Are you in need of a Packers and Movers Service company that will help you in transporting your luggage to your new home? Do you find it hard to get a Professional Movers within your budget? Call us now, it is only with Great American Van Lines, all your concern will be taken care of. We are always around you to reach you in time. Whether you are thinking of moving within the state or outside of it, we are the ideal service provider to you to give you excellent service and care your luggage as you do when you shift things from one room to another. All your items will be wrapped in different colors and shape so that it is easy for you to identify your items and easy for you to unwrap when you are in your new home. With Great American near you, you will be in peace, it is assured. We will make sure that all items including the paper clips will be packed and handed over to you at your new home.
We at Great American are aware of your concern regarding the cost for employing a packing and moving company for your relocation. Trust us, we provide you tailor made services that suits well within your budget without adding any additional burden to your wallet. There won’t be any hidden charges in the bills and you will never find any additional cost on the bill other than what we have decided upon at the time of agreement with you. Contact us for your hassle free and professional service that gives you peace of mind. Contact as at 866-324-7920. We are listening.
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